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Aurora Pumps and More for Willowbrook and Downers Grove, IL

Aurora Pump with over eighty years of experience, is a leading pump and system supplier devoted to designing and manufacturing wide varieties of pumps and systems, which are used in a multitude of markets and applications throughout the world.

Aurora's commitment to excellence goes beyond the product line by being dedicated to keeping our customers, distributors and employees educated and updated on the leading developments in technology. Our computer software programs assist with selecting the best pumps and systems,along with providing pump drawings and specifications. These programs save valuable time in the selection and evaluation of pumps and systems.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Aurora Pump is committed to quality. In addition, to meet quick shipping requirements, the Aurora Distribution Center is stocked with parts and pumps to handle same day shipments. These components, along with our outstanding customer service program, will keep your Aurora Pump system at peak performance for years to come. You can rely on Aurora Pump and our qualified distribution network to provide total fluid flow solutions.

You can find Aurora Pumps at our Willowbrook, IL office. We service Downers Grove, IL, Tinley Park, IL, Chicago, IL and many areas of Illinois. We are your source for Aurora Pumps.

Sondex is a Danish corporation which manufactures brazed plate, welded and plate and shell heat exchangers for numerous applications. Applications which include: district heating, heating and ventilation, solar heating, air conditioning units, heating pumps and heat recovering units, as well as, hydraulic and fuel oil units. Ask us today about your Sondex heat exchanger needs in Willowbrook, IL, Downers Grove, IL & Chicago, IL.

Weinman is widely recognized for quality, efficiency and economy. Weinman pumps are particularly adept in HVAC and water service applications. Weinman pumping equipment and systems are widely found in boiler feed or booster service, chilled or hot water, cooling tower condensate and sprinkler, ice storage and liquid circulation. General water services include potable water transmission, sump and sewage ejection, municipal and industrial water treatment.

The Sigma Products Commercial/Residential Hydronics group provides high quality finned-tube products and a variety of terminal units for the commercial markets. In addition to commercial finned radiators, the product line includes cabinet unit heaters, convectors, steam & hot water heaters as well as radiant ceiling and valence heating and cooling panels.

SIGMA offers the industry's most complete line of finned tube heating elements and enclosures, and baseboard enclosures. SIGMA PRODUCTS is a member of the Hydronics Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers (IBR) and meets the strict industry performance requirements set by this organization. All Sigma finned tube performance ratings are based on IBR testing or are IBR approved, where applicable.



With a 135 year tradition of quality products, Hays Fluid Controls manufactures a variety of different products for your hydronic HVAC installation. With sizes from 1/2 inch through 20 inch and flow rates from 1/2 gpm through 6000+ gpm, we have a product to meet your application from the central plant to each terminal device.Â

  • Automatic Flow Control Valves
  • Water Source Heat Pump Hose Kits
  • Coil Piping Packages for:
    • Fan Coil
    • Air Handlers
    • VAV Box
    • Unit Ventilator
    • Cabinet Heaters
  • Condensate Hose Kits
  • Pulse Meters
  • Manual Balancing Valves


Ajax Boiler Inc manufactures a comprehensive line of steam and hot water boilers under the names of Ajax, Ace and Atlas.  Based in Santa Ana, CA in a 100,000 square foot facility, Ajax has been in operation since 1919. Offering both hot water (domestic and HVAC) and steam units with atmospheric and forced draft burners, Ajax’s reputation is built on delivering reliable, durable products designed to last. With the ability to test fire boilers with capacities up to 21,000,000 Btu/hr and thermal efficiencies to 97%. Ajax has the right boiler for every application.


A national leader in the wastewater pump industry. Hydromatic pump represents one of the most diversified lines of submersible sump, sewage, effluent, grinder pumps, solids handling pumps and self primers for the commercial and HVAC markets.

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience in vibration isolation, Kinetics Noise Control enables building owners to install complex heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems without the worry of noise and vibration problems.

Kinetics provides both the technical assistance in the selection and specification of a tailor-made isolation system and the vibration isolation products to meet the required specifications of the project.

Kinetics Noise Control vibration isolation products have been used to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from mechanical equipment onto a building structure, support, isolate and suspend mechanical equipment, and to protect equipment from damage during seismic activity.

As one of many Mitsubishi affiliates around the world, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., is part of a $40 billion global company serving a wide variety of industrial markets with a family of automation products including programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives.


SJE-Rhombus (S.J. Electro Systems, Inc.) was founded on July 2, 1975 by Steve Johnston. Today, over 30 years later, SJE-Rhombus has grown into a leading manufacturer of reliable, trouble-free liquid level controls for the water, wastewater and sewage industries. Our complete product line includes Build-A-Panel™ control panels, engineered custom control/monitoring systems, Tank Alert® alarm systems, pump switches, control switches and accessories. New product designs endure extensive in-house and field testing before submittal to recognized independent laboratories for safety testing and approval. Each product is constructed of materials of the highest quality with expert workmanship and delivered in responsive lead times. This commitment to quality ensures you a dependable, trouble-free product. SJE-Rhombus is so confident in the superior quality and performance of our controls, that nearly every product leaving the factory is backed by a three-year limited warranty.

Since its founding in 1934 in Delavan, Wisconsin, STA-RITE® has been a leader in providing products that you can depend on for the water you need, when & where it's needed. We serve the residential water well and plumbing markets in over 100 countries throughout the world.

Sterling's Steam Control Product Division

In 1916 the company, then known as the Sterling Engineering Company, began designing and manufacturing valves, traps, strainers and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems. Today, with more than 80 years of application experience, a diverse engineering staff, state-of-the-art CAD-CAM design and thousands of custom applications, we are uniquely suited to meet your individual requirements and specifications

Specify Skidmore and you'll receive the very best in vacuum systems, condensate return pumps, boiler feed systems and accessories. Since 1921, every Skidmore product has been carefully manufactured and tested to rigid standards, assuring you of the highest quality and reliability.

Consider the full line of quality products and commitment to customer support when you select boiler feed or condensate return equipment. We are sure Skidmore will be your choice

Engineered Flexible Products is your source for all types and styles of Bases, expansion joints and flexible connectors. A complete line of products that add flexibility to piping, means you will find what you need at Engineered Flexible Products.

Conbraco's is a manufacturer of  backflow preventers, ball valves and plumbing and heating valve specialties. It’s understanding of manufacturing technology and a commitment to controlling quality and cost has led to a continual reinvestment in plants and equipment. Including new state-of-the-art foundries and machining facilities for both bronze and steel valves,  The company stocks $24 million in finished inventories at  distribution centers.


A line of economical pressure and temperature products are offered under the WekslerR brand for industrial and commercial applications. Pressure gauges, thermometers, and measuring devices for every specification.

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